Stone as kitchen worktops has been becoming a favorite all over the world these days as more homeowners are abandoning laminate and wood in favor of this alterative with multi-features. This popular material can provide your kitchen a timeless and luxurious feel as well as having the endurance and strength needed to withstand any kitchen environment whether you opt for manufactured stone or natural stone. In addition, there are numerous patterns and colors that you can choose from making it easy for you to find the suitable stone that will fit your kitchen’s design theme. Here are some of the advantages why a stone worktop is the perfect choice to give new life to your kitchen.

Low maintenance
These material is easy to keep clean and to wipe down which makes it simple to maintain any hygienic standards that are required for a kitchen. Little effort is required in cleaning it and you will only need a damp cloth, some warm and neutral soapy water and a soft towel. Factory-made stone, quartz, is nonporous which prevents entry of liquid and bacteria into the stone itself. Natural stone, granite, has some degree of porosity depending on the type chosen, but with occasional sealing it can become relatively resistant.

Adds and retains value
Kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms in a house where most buyers pay the most attention to when looking at properties. Your home’s value can be boosted with the high-end aesthetic of the stone, especially if it will be incorporated into a well-designed space complete with modern appliances. In addition, if you will maintain your stone worktops properly and to a high standard, this value will not get lost as the years go by.

A kitchen environment can be rough on your surfaces, and the movement of hot pans, knives and heavy crockery are likely to damage your worktops. The high strength and sturdiness of stone lets it, with care, to withstand this every day wear and tear, making it a material that is well-suited to this highly used area of the home. Thus, the possibility of chips, cracks and scratches is lessened, leaving your worktops with a nearly blemish free finish.

As a fusion of natural stone and chemical resin, quartz holds a low porosity that grants it exceptional stain-resistance. Whilst natural granite is porous, it can attain high levels of stain resistance if regularly treated with readily available proprietary sealers. This stain resistance is an essential feature in a food preparation area where spillages are likely.

Striking aesthetic
True to its name, natural granite offers an outstanding look that can be both opulent and rustic depending on the style or color you will choose. No two pieces of granite are the same, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking to put a distinctive stamp on your property. Factory-made stone, such as quartz, is a combination of resin and natural stone, and thus numerous colors are available. This gives homeowners a greater degree of control over the appearance of their worktops, letting customers to easily complement their new or existing design theme.