Will Virtual Tours Sell Your Home?

Welcome Buyers With A Home Tour During The Pandemic

How buyers and sellers are benefitting from virtual property tours during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The full extent of Covid’s effect on the property market is unknown as yet. What we do know is the Nationwide house price index experienced a 1.7% drop in house prices from April to May of this year, which is the largest dip in 11 years. On the other hand though, lockdown has created a surge in interest of city dwellers seeking more space in rural areas. Although these are uncertain times, buyers and tenants are still registering their interest to move. Sellers and agents are embracing technology including virtual tours to help sell or let out homes during the pandemic.

Setting Up Virtual Tours

Technology has been one of the saving graces of the pandemic, and many have been quick to adapt to Zoom or Skype for work and social purposes. 3d virtual tours are just another example of tech that has been utilised by everyone from estate agents, schools and wedding venues, to allow viewings to proceed. By reducing the amount of human contact required in a property viewing, estate agents can assist in safeguarding the health of buyers, sellers and their own team members. A professional Brentwood lettings agent explains that tours need to be set up by a specialist photographer who will don PPE gear whilst carrying out their work in the property. Using a trained professional ensures that your tour will be captured with superior camera technology, using panoramic, HD footage.

What is the process for buyers?

Buyers have been waiting months for an opportunity to get inside people’s homes again. This means that there’s quite a backlog of interested buyers hoping for a physical viewing, which can be challenging to facilitate given the current circumstances. Virtual tours offer the perfect way for a large volume of buyers to take a tour of a property online. Equally, they can virtually visit as many properties as they wish without there being a risk to human health. It’s a win-win situation really. Although you wouldn’t expect buyers to put in an offer for purchase based solely on a virtual viewing, this does help them to create a definite shortlist of properties they’re interested in. At this stage, buyers would put in a request to visit the property in person.

What’s in it for sellers?

The lack of people traipsing around your home is an obvious advantage of virtual viewings. However, there’s also the fact that any physical viewings that take place will only be for people who are genuinely interested, which is a huge selling point. Sellers will need to be aware that although you’ll want the camera to focus in on the impressive focal points of your home, it may also show up some of the negatives whether that be an awkward staircase or a poky corridor. You should also ensure that you’re making the most of your home’s lighting to show off your interior. On the plus side, virtual tours can help buyers and tenants to discover a wealth of potential in your property that may have been otherwise undetected in a typical set of photos.

If you’re looking to whet the appetite of a potential buyer, then virtual tours are a great solution during the pandemic. Work closely with your estate agent to highlight the best features of your property and only work with professional photographers.